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Mistress Empress - You'd Better Enjoy Watching This. Or Else.

Female bodybuilder Mistress Empress works the ebony muscles of her pecs, abs, biceps, legs, glutes, and calves in the gym, then poses in panties to show you the results. "Are you enjoying this?" she asks. Well, are you?

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Female bodybuilder Mistress Treasure gives a virtual session in the gym, verbally humiliating her client, posing for him, smothering him with her ass, giving him CBT and making him worship the big ebony muscles of her legs, glutes and biceps.

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Female bodybuilder Ashley is ready for your virtual session, playing nurse in a uniform and high heels to make sure she gets your vital signs, then getting naked and posing to show you her muscular ebony pecs and abs and vascular biceps. You're probably feeling better already.

Melanie - Moaning Melanie

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a pretty ebony pussy at eye level on the gym, flexible Melanie is about to show you, posing, masturbating and moaning with her long legs spread wide, playing with her clit, pussy and ass in close-up, and using her strong biceps to pull herself up and down.