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Lisa Cross Naked Female Bodybuilder Photo

Lisa Cross Naked Female Bodybuilder

Lisa Cross - The Iron Lady

Bodybuilder Lisa Cross is blonde, British, and tough, but that’s where her resemblance to that other Iron Lady ends. Posing nude in the gym, she shows off her powerful pecs, enormous biceps and ripped abs as well as her big, vascular legs and tight glutes. She’s so excited by all the iron that she starts to masturbate her big clit, in close-up. She doesn’t even have to think of England.

Lisa Cross - Blue Steel

When you look at Lisa Cross, her shiny blue bikini might get your attention, or her blue-eyed gaze. But we’re betting that the results of her intense bodybuilding regimen are what you’ll be focused on as she poses naked in the gym: the massive biceps and legs, the vascular pecs, the sexy glutes.

Lisa Cross - Hot Cross Buns

Bodybuilder Lisa Cross’s spectacular biceps look their best as she poses in a shredded top and stretches her legs and glutes in the gym. Lisa displays her vascularity and six-pack abs as she pulls the top off, and once she’s naked, sits barefoot on the floor with legs spread, so you can see her big clit and pretty pussy.

Lisa Cross - Green Goddess

Lisa Cross, in a neon green bikini, poses barefoot in front of the red velvet curtains in competitive bodybuilding shape: ripped, tanned, vascular and ready to demolish anyone who gets in her way. You wouldn't want to, not with those biceps, legs, pecs, and abs showing her formidable strength. If judges gave points for nude posing, she'd be in first place, when the bikini comes most of the way off.