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Jennifer and Melissa - Motel Room Meetup

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Jennifer and Melissa Dettwiller and a sexy afternoon in the bedroom. Girl + Girl = 4 spectacular breasts, and the pecs to hold them up. Gorgeous Jennifer loves to touch and stroke and lick Melissa’s beautiful hard, vascular bodybuilder body. Melissa loves the way it feels. You would too, if they’d let you get close.

Ashlee & Milinda - Tips of Their Tongues

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When bodybuilders Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda get together for a nude workout at the gym (the panties go fast), they can’t keep their hands off each other’s pecs, legs, biceps and abs. You’ll love seeing Darkside’s long tongue on Ashlee’s porn-star pussy and big clit, and vice versa, in close-up, as the girl/girl action gets hotter and hotter. They’re so excited they can’t stop masturbating either. We bet you will be too.

Nikki & Roxie - Two Hot

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Bodybuilders Nikki Jackson and Roxie Rain know what to do to get each other hot when they’re naked in the bedroom. Look at the way they pleasure each other close up, touching hard nipple to big clit, at their big biceps as girl licks girl, at their sexy legs and gorgeous glutes in high-heeled shoes. They’re hot together, and we bet you are too.

Roxie Rain and Kelly - Blonde On Brunette

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Muscular Kelly and female bodybuilder Roxie Rain are posing and going at it in the bedroom with fingers and tongues all over each other’s pecs, biceps, abs, glutes and legs. Watch the mutual masturbation and girl/girl action in close-up and decide: Blonde? Brunette? Or both?