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Hot Italian - Where Does She Get Those Wonderful Sex Toys?

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Hot Italian never ceases to amaze us with the new and wonderful sex toys she brings to the gym. As soon as she is done working out her muscular body, big biceps, and powerful legs Hot Italian shows us her latest purchase. A nice big brown dildo. It only takes about 20 seconds for her to begin using that dildo to give her pussy a workout as well!

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A mature female bodybuilder like Clarkflex learns is that it’s great to pose naked and show of what she's earned in all those hours of training. You'll enjoy worshiping her powerful legs, biceps, and strength. We just love muscular cougars, don't you?

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Bodybuilder Nicole Savage likes to work out in the gym in the nude which is a great way to check out her incredible muscle and vascularity. We're treated to exquisite views of ripped biceps, glutes and legs. We also catch a glimpse of Nicole's pierced and well-developed big clit.

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Ripped muscular cougar Maryse poses and flexes for our enjoyment. There is something about a powerful, ripped cougar that everyone just seems to love. Is that six pack abs? The huge biceps? The massive quads or muscular glutes? Maybe it's all of the above. It certainly is a rare athlete that can feature all of the above. Thank you Maryse!