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Rachel - "Come Over"
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
6:22 video

Rachel's naked in the bedroom, masturbating her pretty pussy and swollen clit and playing with her ass while you watch in extreme close-up and admire her muscles - her powerful pecs, her big biceps, her ripped, vascular, tattooed abs, and her strong legs and glutes. "Maybe you could come over and tie me up," she whispers. Sounds like an invitation you can't refuse.
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Rachel - Use Your Imagination
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
7:54 video

Rachel's posing and masturbating in the bedroom while you watch in close-up. She's rubbing her swollen clit with her muscular legs spread and telling you to stick your face right in there. You'll enjoy looking at her powerful pecs, her big biceps, her ripped, tattooed, vascular abs and her gorgeous glutes as she invites you to imagine your cock in her ass. Are you using your imagination?
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Rachel - "Watch Me Flex"
Featured On: SheMuscle
6:04 video

"Watch me flex," Rachel says as she poses, showing off the strong muscles of her vascular biceps, powerful pecs and awesome abs, and taking off her panties so you can get a better look at her nude legs and glutes, her tattoos and her pretty kitty.
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Rachel - Pumped Up
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
7:19 video

Rachel's been competing, and she's still pumped up as she takes off her panties and poses naked to show you the muscles in her pecs, biceps and legs, and her tattooed abs and glutes. When she masturbates her wet pussy and clit, and you watch in close-up, you might get pumped up too.
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Rachel - "I Need Help!"
Featured On: SheMuscle
6:39 video

As she takes off her clothes and poses, showing off her powerful pecs, big biceps, tattooed abs and muscular legs and glutes in high-heeled shoes and her muscle control, ripped Rachel says she needs help. Too bad you're not there to help her with her panties.
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Rachel - She Loves To Play. In Her Room. With Herself.
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
6:39 video

In her hotel room, Rachel has pulled off her black miniskirt and tank top, but is still wearing her high-heeled. Then, lying on the couch and showing off her lovely legs, pretty pecs and great glutes, she decides to treat us all to a long masturbation session, rubbing and massaging her nice clit and pretty pussy.
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Rachel - Rachel's Tied Up Right Now. But She Wants To Play With You.
Featured On: Female Muscle Bondage
6:15 video

Female muscle porn star Rachel is tied up in her bedroom, but she frees herself and poses nude for you, showing off her tattoos and the mature muscles of her pecs, legs, glutes, biceps and abs, and plays with her pussy while you watch in close-up.
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Rachel - "Wanna See More?"
Featured On: SheMuscle
6:30 video

Tattooed Rachel is in the gym, working her biceps and triceps and posing to show off her muscular pecs, legs and glutes and her tight abs. "Wanna see more?" she teases, as she rolls down her panties.
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