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Rita - "Do You Like To Play?"
Featured On: SheMuscle
6:17 video

In your virtual session in the bedroom, tattooed female bodybuilder Rita poses naked for you in high heels and rubs oil all over the big, strong muscles of her pecs. biceps, legs, glutes and abs. "Do you like to play?" she asks. Well, do you?
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Rita - Want To See How Wild I Get?
Featured On: SheMuscle
7:42 video

"Come closer and kiss my bicep," professional female bodybuilder Rita whispers as she poses nude for you in the bedroom, showing off her tattooed, muscular, vascular legs, glutes, and abs and her powerful pecs, and giving you a look at her pierced kitty. "You cannot escape me," she says with a smile.
Tags: Abs,Bedroom,Biceps,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Legs,Pecs,Posing,Professional,Tattoo,Vascular
Rita - Want To See How Wild I Get?
Featured On: SheMuscle
7:31 video

Female bodybuilder Rita takes off her panties and poses naked for you in the bedroom in high-heeled shoes, showing off her muscular pecs and biceps and her tattooed abs, back, glutes, legs, and muscle control. "Want to see how wild I get?" she asks, giving you a peek at her pretty kitty.
Tags: Abs,Bedroom,Biceps,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Legs,Muscle Control,Panties,Pecs,Posing,Shoes,Tattoo
Rita - "I'm Feeling Sexy"
Featured On: SheMuscle
7:08 video

Tattooed, pierced female bodybuilder Rita is enjoying posing in front of the mirror nude in nothing but ultra-high heels, and worshiping and her own muscular biceps, pecs, legs, glutes, calves, and abs. "I'm feeling the pump," she says. Bet you are too.
Tags: Abs,Biceps,Calves,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Legs,Muscle Worship,Pecs,Posing,Shoes,Tattoo