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Lucy Fire - 3 For Dinner
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5:59 video

Lucy Fire's dinner isn't ready, but she knows what to do about it, humiliating her two men, scissoring them, getting muscle worship for her flexible legs as she poses, and giving them both hand jobs and calf jobs. You get to watch her abs, the group sex and masturbation, her fiery pussy, and the muscle porn sex in close-up. And the 3 of them will get dinner… eventually.
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Lucy Fire - She Takes It All. And Wants More.
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6:43 video

Flexible female muscle porn star Lucy Fire gives two men blow jobs, hand jobs and bicep jobs, then poses so they can masturbate and cum all over her tight abs, legs and biceps. But she still wants more. Watch the female muscle sex in close-up.
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Lucy Fire - What a Workout
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9:00 video

Flexible female muscle porn star Lucy Fire's doing a two-man training session, giving one lucky man a hand job, a foot job and some CBT while she stands on his chest, then giving both of them quad jobs and bicep jobs at the same time. You get to watch her long legs, tight abs and strong biceps – and all the action in close-up.
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Lucy Fire - That's the Ticket!
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6:36 video

Female muscle porn star Lucy Fire is working on her strength and flexibility by posing on her trainees' backs, then giving them hand jobs, bicep jobs and calf jobs. One gets to fuck her muscular abs with his hard cock. After the muscle fucking, she scissors him with her strong legs. Group sex – it's a ticket to satisfaction! Ready to ride?
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Lucy Fire - That's The Ticket
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6:25 video

Lucy Fire's slaves are in trouble because they didn't buy her an airline ticket to her fitness competition. So she scissors them with her muscular legs while posing and giving them hand jobs and foot jobs, then stands on their backs and poses to show off her big biceps and tight abs while they kneel to worship her muscles. Female muscle porn – yeah, that's the ticket!
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Lucy Fire - "Teaching A Lesson"
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8:09 video

Flexible Lucy Fire has two men over for a gymnastics lesson, but she loses her patience, humiliates them verbally, and holds them down with a long-legged split, using her tight abs and glutes. Then she gets them hard with a hand job and muscle-fucks them with a calf job. As the lesson continues, will the fiery teacher use a bicep job and belly punching to get what she wants?
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Lucy Fire - "Teaching A Lesson"
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6:50 video

One of female muscle porn star Lucy Fire’s workout partners gets some muscle fucking and oral while the other cums all over her tight abs after she gives him an ab job and hand job. You get to watch the group explode in close-up. It’s a lesson none of them will ever forget.
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Lucy Fire - 3-Alarm Fire
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7:17 video

Flexible female muscle porn star Lucy Fire poses naked, gets muscle worship and gives a double bicep job, a double blow job, double hand jobs and an ab job, until there's cum all over her biceps, abs and legs. Watch the 3-way muscle fucking and muscle sex in close-up to see how Lucy made it a 3-alarm fire.
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