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Megan Avalon - Oil-Rubbed
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
8:25 video

Megan Avalon's naked in the bedroom, posing, and rubbing her muscles with oil, stroking her pecs, biceps, abs, legs and glutes, and playing with her pussy and ass, squatting over your face so you can see her oil-rubbed perfection in close-up.
Tags: Abs,Ass Play,Bedroom,Biceps,Close-Up,Female Muscle,Figure/Fitness,Glutes,Legs,Pecs,Posing
Dani Andrews and Megan Avalon - It's Girl/Girl Gym Day. But They're Being Bad Girls.
Featured On: Female Muscle Lesbians
8: video

When female bodybuilder Megan Avalon and tattooed Dani Andrews go to the gym together, they get into muscle worship of each other's pecs, abs, legs and biceps, showing their muscle control, and take off their panties for girl/girl masturbation and ass play, letting you watch in close-up.
Co-Starring: Dani Andrews
Tags: Abs,Ass Play,Biceps,Close-Up,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Figure/Fitness,Girl/Girl,Gym,Legs,Masturbation,Muscle Control,Muscle Worship,Panties,Pecs,Tattoo
Megan Avalon Is A Sexy Show Off
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
4:59 video

Megan Avalon is a show off. Of course you'd show off a bit too if you had a body like hers. Those huge pecs, and that beautiful face. A woman man dream about and other women want to be. Yeah, she's a show off - but she has every right to be!
Tags: Abs,Biceps,Close-Up,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Legs,Muscle Control,Panties,Pecs,Posing
Megan Avalon, They Call Her Muscle Barbie
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
4:59 video

Beautiful blonde Megan Avalon is known as The Muscle Barbie, and watching this video it's easy to see why. He amazing abs, perfect pecs, beautiful glutes and long legs all add to her mystique. I wonder what they'd call her pretty pussy?
Tags: Abs,Biceps,Close-Up,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Flexible,Glutes,Legs,Muscle Control,Panties,Pecs,Posing
Megan Avalon & Nikki Jackson - "Come Play With Us!"
Featured On: Female Muscle Lesbians
7:50 video

It's your Virtual Session with Megan Avalon and Nikki Jackson, and they're posing to show you how good their biceps, pecs, abs, legs and glute muscles look while they're posing in high heeled shoes, pulling off their panties and showing off their muscle control. "Come play with us," they say. Ready for some girl/girl female muscle worship?
Co-Starring: Nikki Jackson
Tags: Abs,Biceps,Female Muscle,Figure/Fitness,Girl/Girl,Glutes,Legs,Muscle Control,Muscle Worship,Panties,Pecs,Posing,Shoes,Virtual Sessions
Dani Andrews and Megan Avalon - Gym Dandy
Featured On: Female Muscle Lesbians
8:30 video

In the gym, female bodybuilder Megan Avalon and Dani Andrews worship each other's muscles and tattoos, showing their muscle control of their pecs and tight abs and getting into girl/girl masturbation as they stroke each other's legs, glutes and biceps and get into ass play. Watch in close-up.
Co-Starring: Dani Andrews
Tags: Abs,Ass Play,Biceps,Close-Up,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Figure/Fitness,Girl/Girl,Glutes,Gym,Legs,Masturbation,Muscle Control,Muscle Worship,Pecs,Tattoo
Megan Avalon & Nikki Jackson - These Bodybuilders Are Hot For Shoes. And Each Other.
Featured On: Female Muscle Lesbians
8:00 video

Female bodybuilders Megan Avalon and Nikki Jackson are enjoying girl/girl time in the bedroom, posing in high-heeled shoes and barefoot, worshiping the muscles of each other's, pecs, legs, glutes, abs and biceps, and having fun with some ass play. You get to watch in close-up.
Co-Starring: Nikki Jackson
Tags: Abs,Ass Play,Bedroom,Biceps,Close-Up,Feet,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Girl/Girl,Glutes,Legs,Muscle Worship,Pecs,Posing,Shoes
Megan Avalon Gets Turned On
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
5:03 video

Sexy Megan loves showing off her amazing body. Sometimes when she starts rubbing herself she gets so turned on, and who could blame her? Those amazing pecs and sexy ripped abs are enough to turn anyone on. Once she starts rubbing her "perfect clit" you can see a little hint of wetness in the pretty pussy of hers. There's no hiding the fact that she gets herself wet.
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