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Megan and Her Pretty Pussy
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
5:02 video

There is no doubt that Megan Avalon loves to show off her amazing physique. She's proud of her tight abs, luscious glutes, and enormous pecs. However, when she gets turned on she LOVES to show off her pretty pussy for all to see. And aren't you glad she does? I know we are!
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Megan Avalon - From Every Angle
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
7:30 video

In the bedroom, Megan Avalon poses for you, letting you look at her muscular biceps, pecs, abs, legs and glutes from every angle, and giving you a close-up look at her pretty pussy as she masturbates.
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Megan Avalon - You're In Her Bedroom. She's In Control. You Want More.
Featured On: SheMuscle
5:43 video

In your virtual session with Megan Avalon, she's in the bedroom, taking off her panties and posing nude for you, showing you her muscle control of her pecs, her sexy, muscular legs, glutes, biceps and abs, and touching herself.
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Dani Andrews and Megan Avalon - She Can’t Get To The Phone Right Now. She’s All Tied Up.
Featured On: Female Muscle Bondage
6:30 video

Female bodybuilder Megan Avalon can’t use her phone. She has to obey her tattooed mistress Dani Andrews, who ties her up, makes her pose in panties, worships the muscles of her pecs, vascular biceps, legs, and ripped abs, and spanks her tight glutes while you watch in close-up.
Co-Starring: Dani Andrews
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Megan Avalon - I Feel So Dirty
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
6:30 video

Megan Avalon's just competed in the USAs, and needs a hot shower to revive her tired muscles. "I feel so dirty," she says. She's posing, soaping up her pecs, biceps, abs, glutes, legs and calves, and she's masturbating her wet pussy and playing with her tight ass as you watch the dirtiness in close-up.
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Dani Andrews and Megan Avalon - They're Enjoying Each Other's Muscles. You Will Too.
Featured On: Female Muscle Bondage
7:44 video

Female bodybuilder Megan Avalon and tattooed Dani Andrews are appreciating each other's fitness, worshiping each other's nude, muscular pecs, legs, glutes, abs and biceps, and getting into girl/girl masturbation and ass play while you watch close up.
Co-Starring: Dani Andrews
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Megan Avalon - String Theory
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We have a theory that muscle girls look their best when they're wearing the least. Megan Avalon proves it as she poses in nothing but a V-string and high-heeled shoes, showing off her big biceps, powerful pecs, awesome abs, luscious legs, gorgeous glutes, curvaceous calves. Then she gives you a close-up look at her pretty kitty. Q.E.D.
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Dani Andrews and Megan Avalon - They're Gym Buddies. Who Get Each Other Hot.
Featured On: Female Muscle Lesbians
7:31 video

Female bodybuilder Megan Avalon is enjoying muscle worship from tattooed Dani Andrews while they work on their fitness in the gym naked, training their abs, biceps, glutes, legs, and pecs, and demonstrating their muscle control. Watch the girl/girl ass play and masturbation close up.
Co-Starring: Dani Andrews
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