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Charlotte - She Takes Matters Into Her Own Hand
Featured On: Female Muscle POV
6:46 video

Charlotte loves having a helper in the gym to worship her muscles and play with her sweet pussy. However after a while Charlottes wants what she wants and has to take matters (and her dildo!) into her own hand. She masturbates with her toy and works out her biceps and abs in the process.
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Charlotte - She Can Pose And Masturbate At The Same Time. Can You?
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
5:09 video

Tattooed Charlotte loves masturbating and penetrating herself with her toy, and posing to show you the vascular muscles of her abs, biceps and legs while she does. You'll love watching her cum in close-up.
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Charlotte - She's Auditioning For You. Watch Closely.
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
8:26 video

Charlotte's auditioning to be a fitness model and showing how fit she is as she poses, shows off her tattoos, vascular biceps, pecs, legs and abs, and masturbates and penetrates herself with a toy while you watch in close-up. Does she get the job?
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Charlotte Gets Some Help In The Gym
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
7:21 video

Super sexy Charlotte is spending more and more time in the gym. As word gets around about her sexy antics, she gets "volunteers" showing up to help her work out. Today's volunteer is VERY forward - grabbing Charlotte's pecs, pinching her nipples, and end even helping her run her wet pussy. I wonder what this guy's gonna do next?
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Charlotte Cums In The Gym
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
6:53 video

Charlotte's work out session continues with her very forward admirer. He fucks Charlotte with his fingers and then watches her sit on the gym floor and make herself cum by rubbing her pussy and fucking herself with her fingers. I need to get to the gym more!
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Charlotte - She's Naked And Bound. But Getting Free Gets Her Off.
Featured On: Female Muscle Bondage
5:21 video

Charlotte's bound to a chair, trying to free her wrists and ankles using the strong, vascular, tattooed muscles of her Biceps, Legs and Abs. Once she's free, she poses for you and masturbates while you watch in close-up.
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Charlotte - She's Getting Off While She Flexes. Want To Watch?
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
5: video

Charlotte's naked and masturbating her pretty pussy while you watch in close-up, and penetrating herself with a toy while she flexes her tattooed biceps and abs and kicks up her muscular legs.
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Charlotte's Innovative Masturbation
Featured On: Female Muscle POV
6:02 video

Charlotte is a masturbation innovator. I mean just look at how she rigs up her gym equipment to give her pleasure. You can hear her wet pussy and she penetrates herself with her favorite black dildo. This is the best gym session ever!
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