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Jenna - Shower Power
Featured On: SheMuscle
6:25 video

Female bodybuilder Jenna is enjoying her time naked in the shower, feeling the hot water flow over her powerful pecs, vascular biceps, ripped abs, muscular legs and gorgeous glutes, and posing so you can get a long, wet look at her pretty ass and pussy.
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Jenna - "Don't Be A Bitch!"
Featured On: SheMuscle
6:57 video

Jenna poses nude for you in the bedroom, playing with her pierced nipples and sheer panties and showing you her muscular biceps, legs and glutes, her powerful pecs and her vascular, ripped abs as she taunts you: "Don't be a bitch!"
Tags: Abs,Bedroom,Biceps,Female Muscle,Figure/Fitness,Glutes,Legs,Panties,Pecs,Posing,Ripped,Vascular
Jenna - High Maintenance
Featured On: SheMuscle
167 photos

Female bodybuilder Jenna is high maintenance, and looking at her amazing body you can understand why. It takes a lot of care to have the vascular biceps, strong abs, and powerful legs that Jenna has. I think you'll agree all of that hard work is paying off!
Tags: Abs,Biceps,Close-Up,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Legs,Panties,Pecs,Posing,Ripped,Vascular
Jenna Is So Hot She Distracts Herself
Featured On: SheMuscle
6:35 video

Jenna comes home and finds her apartment a mess. What's a girl to do? Well, when the girl is Jenna she gets distracted and then really turned on by her own body. And who could blame her? She's gorgeous, has an amazing physique: big biceps, ripped abs, and long powerful legs and glutes. Let's not forget a pretty little pussy too.
Tags: Abs,Ass Play,Biceps,Close-Up,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Legs,Panties,Pecs,Posing,Ripped,Shoes,Vascular
Jenna - Your Every Wish Fulfilled
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In the bedroom, Jenna, sexy in her jeans and crop top, is taking off all of clothes down to her sexy panties, posing to entice you with her hot biceps, glutes and legs. Eventually, she’s completely nude, posing and touching herself. It’s your every wish fulfilled.
Tags: Abs,Bedroom,Biceps,Close-Up,Feet,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Legs,Panties,Pecs,Posing,Ripped,Vascular
Jenna - A Dream Come True
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127 photos

In the bedroom Jenna looks sexy in high-heeled shoes and stockings. She is also wearing sexy panties, and posing to entice you with her hot biceps, glutes and legs.Before you know it she’s completely nude and looking even MORE amazing. Jenna is a dream come true.
Tags: Abs,Biceps,Close-Up,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Legs,Panties,Pecs,Posing,Ripped,Shoes,Stockings,Vascular
Jenna - So Damn Fit!
Featured On: SheMuscle
89 photos

Female bodybuilder Jenna is so damn fit, vascular and super sexy, but she’s especially hot when she has taken off all of her clothes, flexes her biceps, and gives you a long, hard look as she poses showing off her vascular muscles.
Tags: Abs,Biceps,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Legs,Pecs,Posing,Ripped,Shoes,Vascular
Jenna - Her Hard Work Pays Off, Don't You Think?
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71 photos

Jenna works hard in the gym, and we certainly think it pays off nicely, don't you agree? You can tell from her ripped, vascular pecs and abs, her big biceps, and her tight glutes and legs. When she poses naked like this it's very easy to see the results from all of her efforts.
Tags: Abs,Bedroom,Biceps,Close-Up,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Legs,Panties,Pecs,Posing,Ripped,Shoes,Vascular