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Hot Italian - Where Does She Get Those Wonderful Sex Toys?
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Hot Italian never ceases to amaze us with the new and wonderful sex toys she brings to the gym. As soon as she is done working out her muscular body, big biceps, and powerful legs Hot Italian shows us her latest purchase. A nice big brown dildo. It only takes about 20 seconds for her to begin using that dildo to give her pussy a workout as well!
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Hot Italian - She's On Top. And It's Blowing Her Mind.
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Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Hot Italian is on top, getting penetrated by a big cock and giving a blow job. Watch how good her vascular biceps and muscular pecs, legs, glutes and abs look as she goes for a ride, and enjoy the muscle sex in close-up.
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Hot Italian's Hard Gym Work Pays Off
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If you want to get ripped, you know what ya gotta do. So does hot Italian and once she got started, she didn’t stop until she was ripped and powerful. Her biceps and triceps show every rep, and her abs to look as ripped as possible. So she spends hours in the gym, sweating and working and posing. But the results are worth it!
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Hot Italian - She Gets Some. Then She Swallows Some. You See It All.
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Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Hot Italian is getting penetrated while you watch the muscle sex in close-up and enjoy looking at her vascular biceps, ripped abs, sexy pecs and muscular legs, and at her taking a load of cum all over her tongue as she gives a blow job.
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Hot Italian - The Results Are Worth It
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It’s not easy to get a good workout but if you want to get ripped, that’s what ya gotta do. So Hot Italian doesn’t stop for anything. She wants her biceps and triceps to show every rep, and her abs to look as chiseled as possible. So she spends hours in the gym, sweating and working and posing. But aren’t the results worth it?
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Hot Italian - Her Boots Are Made For Walking. And Getting Herself Off.
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Tattooed female bodybuilder Hot Italian takes off everything but her tall boots, shows off her muscle control of her naked pecs and her muscular biceps, legs and abs in the bedroom, then penetrates herself with a toy and masturbates while you watch in close-up.
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Hot Italian - Relaxing and Posing
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Female muscle hottie Hot Italian is back in her hotel room after a day of competition. She likes to relax by stripping off her clothes and showing off the results of all of her hard work at the gym. She likes displaying her abs, biceps, and long sexy legs for all to see.
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Hot Italian - Workout Tool
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Hot Italian’s found a new tool for bodybuilding – a big toy that she uses to flex her biceps and pecs,as she poses. Then she sets it on a bench to lower herself onto and give her pretty kitty an internal workout. It’s a great training insight – you might call it penetrating.
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