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MuscleFoxx - Her Big Clit Owns Her. And Tells Her What To Do.
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6:14 video

Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star MuscleFoxx likes showing off the vascular muscles of her pecs, biceps, legs, and ripped abs, and her tattoos. She also likes masturbating and pumping her big clit, and having you watch close-up. "My big clit owns me," she says, "and tells me what to do."
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MuscleFoxx - She Loves Her Big Clit. So Will You.
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6:36 video

In your virtual session with tattooed female bodybuilder MuscleFoxx , she poses in high-heeled shoes to shows you big and vascular her biceps are, how ripped her abs are, and how strong her pecs, legs, and glute muscles are before she masturbates her big clit and plays with her ass while you watch in close-up.
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Carmella Cureton and MuscleFoxx are Hot, Hot, Hot
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Hot ebony lesbian bodybuilders Carmella Cureton and MuscleFoxxare posing in the gym, showing off the powerful bodies they've earned with their hard work in the gym. Huge biceps, powerful quads and glutes. However, it isn't until these two muscle monsters get together that we get to see their appreciate for sexy play and big clits! You don't want to miss these pics! Hot, hot, hot.
Co-Starring: Carmella Cureton
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MuscleFoxx - Freaky Foxx
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7:37 video

Female bodybuilder MuscleFoxx is in the bedroom for a virtual session with you, posing nude to show off her ripped, vascular legs, glutes, calves and abs, her muscle control of her powerful pecs and her 17-inch biceps, as well as a glimpse of her pretty kitty. "I'm known for my freaky quads," she says. What else is freaky?
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MuscleFoxx - Her Own Muscles Get Her Hot. Her Big Clit Shows How Hot.
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7:39 video

Female bodybuilder MuscleFoxx gets so turned on by her muscle control of her powerful pecs and by her ripped abs, big biceps, muscular legs and tight glutes as she poses for you that the muscle porn star wants to masturbate her big clit, penetrating herself with a big toy while you watch in close-up. You don't mind, right?
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MuscleFoxx - Foxxy Lady
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6:45 video

In the bedroom, female bodybuilder MuscleFoxx masturbates her big clit and penetrates her wet pussy with a big glass toy while you watch in close-up and enjoy looking at her vascular biceps, powerful pecs, ripped abs and muscular ass and legs.
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MuscleFoxx - "My Clit Needs To Be Free!" Watch How She Makes It Happy.
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6:02 video

"I'm bossed around by my big clit, " says tattooed female bodybuilder and muscle porn star MuscleFoxx. It makes it difficult to wear panties to pose or work out and to keep the ripped, vascular muscles of her biceps, pecs, legs, and abs strong. She has to clit-pump it and masturbate it to keep it happy. There's good news, though. You get to watch it all in close-up.
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MuscleFoxx - Foxxy Muscles
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4:38 video

Female bodybuilder MuscleFoxx, ripped for a competition, poses nude to show off the big muscles of her legs, glutes, pecs, abs and her vascular biceps, Enjoy her muscle control, and the Close-Up as she plays with her pussy and big clit.
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