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Claire - It's So Big, She Can't Even Get It In
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8:13 video

Female bodybuilder Claire is playing with a gigantic toy in the gym, so big she can hardly penetrate herself with it. Watch the mature muscles of her pecs, abs, legs, glutes, and biceps as she masturbates and plays with her ass in close-up.
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Claire - The Only Place To Sit Is On A Toy. And She's Moaning.
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5:19 video

Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Claire is chained up in the gym, wearing nipple clamps and moaning when the only place to sit is on a toy that's penetrating her pussy. even the mature muscles of her pecs, biceps, abs and legs don't help. Masturbation doesn't either. Watch her struggle in close-up.
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Claire breaks in the new employee - Part 1
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7:01 video

Claire is set to show the new gym employee the ropes - however once she starts showing him how to warm up (and has him feel her muscles) things quickly get out of hand. Before you know it, the new employee is worshipping Claire's muscles, pecs, and glutes. He has forgotten all about the new job!
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Claire - She Used To Hate Leg Day. You'll See Why She Loves It Now.
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8:03 video

Female bodybuilder Claire enjoys being alone in the gym for leg day, because she can work out naked, and stretch the mature muscles of her pecs legs, glutes, biceps, and ripped abs. You'll like being alone with Claire because you can watch her masturbate in close-up, with her fingers and with a gigantic toy.
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Claire - She Wants You To See It All. Don't Miss It.
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7:35 video

Claire's in stockings, posing, getting muscle worship, pulling down her panties to masturbate, and letting you look at her muscular biceps, pecs, legs, abs, glutes, and at her wet pussy and ass in close-up. Watch as she takes a big toy deep in her mouth, and stay tuned for more.
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Claire - She's Alone and Naked In The Gym. With You.
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Claire's in the gym, posing to show you the mature muscles of her biceps, pecs, legs, abs and glutes, masturbating and playing with her ass. Look at her close-up as long as you want to. She likes it.
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Claire - She's No Schoolgirl, But She Knows What She Likes. You Will Too.
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7:32 video

Female bodybuilder Claire, in schoolgirl plaid panties, poses in the gym for you, showing off the mature muscles of her pecs, legs, glutes, biceps, and abs, then gets naked and masturbates for you until she cums, while you watch in close-up.
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Claire - She Can't Stop Coming. You Can Tell.
Featured On: Female Muscle POV
7:52 video

Female bodybuilder Claire sucks on a toy, then moans as she gets muscle worship and her wet pussy gets penetrated by it. Watch in close-up as the mature muscles of her abs, biceps, glutes, legs and pecs feel the pleasure, and listen to her loud moans.
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