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Carmin Blue Gym Masturbation Session
Featured On: My Big Clit
7:59 video

Carmin Blue has worked her pussy into a wet frenzy - what is a girl to do? Well she needs something deep inside her wet hole, so she grabs what is handy and begins to pleasure herself. She works her pussy until it's creamy and then proceeds to lick her implement clean - lovely!
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Carmin Blue Exercises Her Big Clit
Featured On: My Big Clit
8:33 video

Super sexy muscular porn star Carmin Blue loves working out her clit in the gym. Just like her big biceps, powerful pecs and quads, the more she works it the larger it gets. It also makes her pussy extremely wet and ready for what comes next!
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Carmin Blue Dungeon Masturbation
Featured On: Female Muscle Bondage
5:54 video

The powerful Carmin Blue masturbates her big clit and wet pussy in the dungeon. It seems being restrained and having to escape has a certain effect on Carmin and she's all to eager to share it with everyone.
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Carmin Blue Finds Herself in Another Bind
Featured On: Female Muscle Bondage
5:36 video

Sexy female bodybuilder and porn star Carmin Blue has gotten herself into a bind again. She finds herself restrained in a dungeon - and apparently, this has happened to her before because she stays calm, cool, and collected. She also shows off her amazing body as she poses and flexes her hard muscle and plays wth her swollen pussy.
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