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Angela Salvagno - Super Girlfriend
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6:11 video

Superheroine and sexy female bodybuilder Angela Salvagno has a new superpower: a giant strap-on dildo. First she rides her boyfriend with it, then penetrates herself with the toy while she masturbates her big clit. You'll enjoy watching the female muscle porn in close-up while she poses, showing off her vascular biceps, powerful pecs, strong legs and ripped abs. It's super.
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Angela Salvagno - Wicked Stepmom
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8:19 video

Ripped female bodybuilder Angela Salvagno gets muscle worship from her stepson, and gives him a calf job and foot job. After the muscle fucking, she poses for him, showing off her powerful pecs, vascular biceps, and strong abs, legs and glutes, and humiliating and smothering him and rubbing her big clit on his bald head while you watch in close-up. Add a bicep job and end with a cumshot and that's some wicked female muscle porn sex.
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Angela Salvagno - Tool Time
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6:32 video

Ripped, vascular female bodybuilder Angela Salvagno is testing out her new gigantic dildo and riding up and down on the toy as she masturbates her big clit. Watch it penetrate her wet pussy in close-up and enjoy looking at her muscular pecs, legs, calves, biceps, abs and glutes. After testing, she says it's the best tool ever.
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Angela Salvagno - Good Cheer
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6:45 video

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Angela Salvagno - People Stare At Her At The Beach. You Get To See Why.
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7: video

Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Angela Salvagno loves it when people look at her muscles. Naked in her bedroom after a day at the beach, she’s posing to show off her vascular biceps, ripped abs, and powerful pecs, legs and glutes, then masturbating her big clit and juicy pussy while you watch.
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Angela Salvagno - She Can't Stop Moaning. You'll See Why.
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7:41 video

Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Angela Salvagno is in the bedroom, posing so you can look at her vascular biceps, ripped abs, muscular pecs, legs, and glutes. She's penetrating herself with a vibrator, masturbating her big clit and playing with her ass, moaning loudly while you watch her cum in close-up.
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Angela Salvagno - Domme Detention
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6: video

Female bodybuilder Angela Salvagno humiliates and dominates her teacher, belly-punching him, scissoring him with her powerful legs and glutes, smothering him with her pecs, making him worship her big, vascular biceps and calf muscles and ripped abs while she poses, and getting off by rubbing her big clit against his bald head. If you're majoring in female muscle porn, study this.
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Angela Salvagno - Let's Get Physical
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7:53 video

Female bodybuilder and female muscle porn star Angela Salvagno is a nurse giving a patient a physical. It starts with belly punching to test his reflexes, then moves on to verbal humiliation and CBT as she gets naked to examine him more closely. You get to examine her big biceps and pecs, ripped abs and muscular Legs.
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