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Nikki Jackson - Dirty Domme
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7:02 video

Female muscle porn star Nikki Jackson smothers and humiliates her slave, posing as she rides him, penetrating herself with a strap-on, and teasing him with her wet pussy and powerful pecs. Watch the dirty female muscle sex in close-up as he licks her clit, then cums all over her big biceps after a hand job and bicep job.
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Megan Avalon & Nikki Jackson - Two Muscle Girls. Only One Pair Of Stockings.
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8:23 video

Female muscle porn stars and bodybuilders Megan Avalon and Nikki Jackson are playing with Megan's stockings, worshiping each other's muscular pecs, biceps, abs, legs, and glutes, and enjoying some girl/girl ass play. Bet you are too.
Co-Starring: Megan Avalon
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Nikki Jackson - She Fucks Both Holes
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8:32 video

Female muscle pornstar Nikki Jackson invites us into her bedroom and immediately takes out her enormous tits and tells us what she's going to be doing to herself. And then gets two it. Watch as Nikki fuck her asshole and her pussy with two vibrators. She really gets off when she slides three of her fingers into her pussy. This is a good watch!
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Nikki Jackson - He's Humiliated. You Might Be Too.
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6:26 video

Female bodybuilder Nikki Jackson makes her slave wear a strap-on on his face, smothering him and masturbating as she humiliates him and makes him worship the muscles of her pecs, legs and biceps. Watch the hand job, bicep job, ass play, and all the female muscle sex in close-up.
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Megan Avalon & Nikki Jackson - "Come Play With Us!"
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7:50 video

It's your Virtual Session with Megan Avalon and Nikki Jackson, and they're posing to show you how good their biceps, pecs, abs, legs and glute muscles look while they're posing in high heeled shoes, pulling off their panties and showing off their muscle control. "Come play with us," they say. Ready for some girl/girl female muscle worship?
Co-Starring: Megan Avalon
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Nikki Jackson - She So Horny
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7:55 video

Nikki Jackson’s getting ready for a date, flexing in the mirror and getting so horny as she looks at her perfect pecs and big biceps and touches her muscular legs and glutes that she has to take off her panties, and play with her pretty kitty. Bet you’re getting horny too.
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Megan Avalon & Nikki Jackson - These Bodybuilders Are Hot For Shoes. And Each Other.
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8:00 video

Female bodybuilders Megan Avalon and Nikki Jackson are enjoying girl/girl time in the bedroom, posing in high-heeled shoes and barefoot, worshiping the muscles of each other's, pecs, legs, glutes, abs and biceps, and having fun with some ass play. You get to watch in close-up.
Co-Starring: Megan Avalon
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Nikki Jackson - Pantyhose Perfection
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6:42 video

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