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Ashlee and Wild Kat – Tighty Whities
7:05 of video

Female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat are giving a BBC a two-hand job and masturbating their big clits with his big cock while he worships the massive, vascular muscles of their pecs, biceps, abs, glutes and legs. Then he gets a very satisfying quad job. Watch the muscle fucking and muscle sex in tight close-up.

Featuring: Ashlee Chambers
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WildKat - More Big Clit Play
5:59 of video

Nurse WildKat gets her pussy nice and creamy and her clit totally swollen and then starts fucking herself. We get to watch in closeup as she goes to town on herself until the point of exhaustion...beautiful.

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WildKat - "It's So Tight," She Moans. Want To Be There?
5:32 of video

Female muscle porn star bodybuilder Wild Kat is in the bedroom, masturbating her big clit with a toy and penetrating herself with it. "I love how it feels," she moans. "It's so tight." Look at the mature muscles of her ripped abs, pecs, vascular biceps and legs, and watch in close-up as you imagine how it would feel to be there with her.

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Wild Kat - Feeling Strong Gets Her Wet. Watch.
7:40 of video

Female bodybuilder Wild Kat does bench presses in the gym, building the mature muscles of her pecs, biceps and abs. It gets her so wet, she just has to masturbate her wet pussy and big clit. You get to watch her pumped-up pussy in close-up. "Wait for my leg workout," she says. "That's gonna be hot."

Categories: Abs,Biceps,Big Clits,Close-Up,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Gym,Legs,Masturbation,Mature,Pecs
Female Bodybuilder Wildkat Oils Her Big Muscles
5:33 of video

Wildkat loves working out, and she loves getting a massage after working out even better. She says that she forgets how wet she gets when she gets a massage and we think she means from the oil she rubs all over her biceps, legs, and glutes. Then again, once she gives us a close-up of her big clit we aren't so sure!

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Reverse Gangbang w/ Ashlee, Wild Kat, Alura
7:57 of video

The ripped female bodybuilder threesome continue their reverse gangbang with lift and carry blow jobs to make their abs even more muscular, then group scissoring. Ashlee rides cock and gets penetrated as she poses, and Wild Kat gives their "trainer" a biceps-building hand job. After the female muscle porn sex, he muscle-worships their pecs, legs, glutes and calves, and likes looking at their big clits as much as you do.

Featuring: Amazon Alura , Ashlee Chambers
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WildKat and Nadia - One Bodybuilder Has A Strap-On. The Other Wants It In Her.
5:38 of video

Female bodybuilders Nadia and Wild Kat are in the gym, masturbating each other's big clits, feeling the muscles of each other's vascular biceps, pecs, abs, legs, and glutes. Watch the muscle girl on muscle girl sex as Nadia penetrates Kat with an Ebony strap-on toy.

Featuring: Nadia
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WildKat - Take It Or Leave It
6:06 of video

Female bodybuilder, muscle porn star and fem domme Wild Kat is angry with what her dumb helpers are doing to her tree, so she humiliates them, scissors them, chokes them with her powerful biceps and pecs, and makes them worship the muscles of her vascular abs, legs and calves. What should they do – take it or leave it?

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