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Ashlee, WildKat, and Alura -Group Grope
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7:48 video

The girl/girl/girl group reverse gangbang continues as female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Amazon Alura, Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat get muscle worship, penetration and get their big clits sucked as you watch in close-up. Plus muscle fucking, masturbation, hand jobs, ass play… and looking at six pairs of the vascular biceps, powerful pecs, strong legs and glutes and tight abs during all that hot muscle sex.
Co-Starring: Amazon Alura , Ashlee Chambers
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Reverse Gangbang w/ Ashlee, Wild Kat, Alura
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6:30 video

Female bodybuilders Amazon Alura, Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat get physical with their physical therapist. They all stretch their leg muscles by squatting on his erect cock – it's a reverse gangbang. Then he gets a hand job and a lift and carry blow job, which helps them work their ripped, vascular abs, pecs, glutes and biceps. Enjoy more group female muscle porn sex, muscle fucking and muscle worship soon.
Co-Starring: Amazon Alura , Ashlee Chambers
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Wildkat Takes Charge of the Photoshoot Part 2
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6:49 video

Wildkat continues to flex her massive biceps, even allowing the wimpy photographer to muscle fuck them. He is not worthy! This video also includes a calf job and other muscle sex wonders.
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WildKat - Muscle Fan Club
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6:19 video

Female bodybuilder WildKat meets her biggest fans and lets them worship her naked muscles - her powerful pecs, her big, vascular biceps, her tight abs, and her massive legs, glutes, and abs. It gets her so hot that she starts masturbating. What happens next? Check out part 2 - it's, um, coming soon.
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Ashlee and Wild Kat – Tighty Whities
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7:05 video

Female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat are giving a BBC a two-hand job and masturbating their big clits with his big cock while he worships the massive, vascular muscles of their pecs, biceps, abs, glutes and legs. Then he gets a very satisfying quad job. Watch the muscle fucking and muscle sex in tight close-up.
Co-Starring: Ashlee Chambers
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WildKat and Nadia - They're Having Girl-Girl Sex. You'll Wish You Were There.
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5:50 video

Female bodybuilders Wild Kat and Nadia are in the gym when Nadia brings out her strap-on ebony dildo. Nadia masturbates Wild Kat's big clit with the toy, then penetrates Kat from behind while you enjoy the vascular, mature muscles of their pecs, legs, glutes, biceps and abs and watch the hot girl/girl sex in close-up.
Co-Starring: Nadia
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Wild Kat - What's On Cable?
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75 photos

Female Bodybuilder Wild Kat is posing in the gym, showing your her tight glutes and massive legs, and working her pecs and big biceps muscle with cables. Then she starts playing with her big clit, and you get to watch what's on cable in close-up.
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WildKat - SuperClitty Saves The World! You Get To Watch.
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6:16 video

Female bodybuilder Wild Kat is superheroine SuperClitty, ready to make the world a better place, by posing for you to show off the vascular muscles of her pecs, biceps,legs, and abs, then taking off her superpanties for some clit pumping, making her big clit even bigger. Watch her masturbate and penetrate herself in close-up.
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