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True Fit - When The Boss Is Away
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6:16 video

True Fit's alone in the office, so she's taking off her business suit and posing naked in her birthday suit, showing off her tattooed biceps and her muscular, mature pecs, legs, and glutes, and giving you a look at her sweet pussy and ass in close-up.
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True Fit - He Wanted Sugar. He Got Something Even Sweeter.
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8:41 video

Female muscle porn star True Fit's neighbor visits to borrow some sugar, but they both get something sweeter when he admires her muscular, tattooed biceps, pecs, glutes, legs and she gets naked, masturbates, and gives him a blow job. Who needs carbs when you can get Female Muscle Sex?
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True Fit - She's Struggling To Escape. Watch The First Thing She Does When She Succeeds.
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5:47 video

Tattooed female bodybuilder and muscle porn star True Fit is struggling to get out of bondage, but even her powerful pecs, big biceps, tight abs and muscular legs don't help. Finally she frees herself, pulls off her panties and masturbates because it feels so good.
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True Fit - How Strong Is She? She Can Do Two Hand Jobs At The Same Time.
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5:30 video

Tattooed female bodybuilder True Fit gives two hand jobs at once and a bicep job, and gets muscle worship, posing to show off the mature muscles of her pecs, legs, vascular biceps and ripped abs. Enjoy the hot female muscle sex.
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True Fit - She Knows The Right Way To Wake Him Up. With Her Mouth.
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7:12 video

Tattooed female bodybuilder and muscle porn star True Fit wants to give a blow job to her sleeping man. She starts with a Hand Job and Posing, while he fondles her muscular Pecs, Legs, ,Glutes Biceps and Abs. Watch her suck his hard cock in Close-Up.
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True Fit - The Handjob Contest
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5:30 video

Muscle milf True Fit amuses herself in the strangest ways. Today she has decided to hold a handjob contest! She says that who ever she can make cum first - using her sexy biceps while showing off her amazing abs, legs, quads, and sexy tattoos - is the loser. However, I don't see how anyone lucky enough to get a handjob from True Fit is anything but a winner.
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True Fit Finished Dante Off
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6:21 video

True Fit has helped Dante "relax" as much as she can by allowing him to worship her muscular biceps, abs, glutes, and legs. Now the time has come for True Fit to really help him relax by jacking him off until he cums all over her muscular bicep.
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True Fit Gets Dante To Concentrate
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8:18 video

Muscular female cougar True Fit needs to help Dante pay attention - it seems he is distracted (and attracted!) to True Fit's sexy, muscular body. When she proposes stripping down for him and giving him a handjob to help him, well, let's just say this is one time Dante didn't mind extra school work!
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