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Leena - Sheer Strength
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5:43 video

Leena's posing in the SheMuscle gym, showing off her big biceps, then pulling down her sheer bra and panties so you can get a better look at her powerful pecs and muscular legs and glutes. That's a show of sheer strength.
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Leena - Leena Loves It
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5:30 video

Female muscle porn star Leena loves getting penetrated by a big hard cock, but she also loves giving a hand job and blow job. Watch her pose and flex her biceps and legs, and see her pecs and glutes bounce as she has hot muscle sex and gets fucked from behind.
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Leena - Her Workout Features A Huge Dildo.
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
7:31 video

Muscle porn star Leena is working out in the gym, showing off her pecs, biceps, legs and glutes, and she's naked. Leena's gym routine includes masturbating and penetrating herself with a huge dildo as you watch in close-up.
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Leena - She's Getting It. And Giving It.
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Female muscle porn star Leena's posing, getting penetrated, and getting her pecs, legs, glutes, and biceps muscles worshiped. She's also giving muscle fucking, a hand job, a blow job, and a bicep job. Watch the female muscle sex in close-up, You'll get it.
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Leena - That's One Big Dildo!
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
8:16 video

Female muscle pornstar Leena is still in the gym with her big dildo. She gives her pussy, and legs, quite a workout trying to ride that big thing. She also works her glutes. Leena also enjoys laying down and rubbing her pussy and fingering herself. All in all this is time well spent in the gym.
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Leena - Muscle Sex Lesson
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6:00 video

Leena's giving a blow job and a bicep job, showing him what she likes. "I love the feel of a hard cock against my delt," she moans as he worships the muscles of her pecs, biceps, legs, glutes and eats her pussy. This female muscle porn sex lesson gets a high grade: 69.
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Leena - Posing In Hose
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
7:45 video

Leena's posing in sheer pantyhose in the bedroom, and the way her abs, legs, glutes and feet feel is getting her so hot that she can't help masturbating her clit and wet pussy as she's flexing her muscular biceps and pecs. Watch close up as she pulls down the hose to penetrate herself.
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Leena - Hot and Healthy
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
5:30 video

Leena's posing for you in the bedroom and showing you the healthy things she likes to eat to keep her pecs and biceps muscles strong. She gets so excited by a big zucchini that she penetrates her wet pussy with it white she masturbates her clit, letting you watch in close-up as you enjoy a hot view of her healthy legs, glutes, and ass.
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