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BrandiMae - Meatsa Pizza
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8:31 video

BrandiMae’s really hungry, but the pizza delivery guy brought the wrong kind of pizza. After some belly punching and verbal humiliation, she decides he should get lucky and worship her and her strong legs and abs, so she flexes her powerful muscles, gives his pepperoni a muscle-fucking bicep job and some cock-and-ball torture and does some scissoring. Think he’ll bring the right pie next time?
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BrandiMae - "Every Press Makes Me Wet"
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
7:23 video

Vascular, ripped female bodybuilder BrandiMae is posing naked in the gym, showing off her powerful biceps and pecs, and doing leg presses while she masturbates her big clit with her muscular legs in the air and glutes tightening. "Every press makes me wet," she says, which you'll see as you watch in close-up.
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BrandiMae - "I'm So Tight!"
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8:03 video

Muscle porn star and female bodybuilder BrandiMae's using a flesh toy that's just the right size for her. She's posing, flexing her big, vascular biceps and tight abs and spreading her legs, then penetrating herself while she fondles her pecs, masturbates her big clit and imagines that you're fucking her tight pussy. You probably are too.
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BrandiMae - She's Getting Pumped. Her Clit Is Too.
Featured On: My Big Clit
4:46 video

In your virtual session with female bodybuilder and muscle porn star BrandiMae, she's pushing her panties aside, pumping her big clit and masturbating it like a cock, making herself cum while you enjoy looking at her vascular biceps, ripped abs, powerful pecs and muscular legs, and posing for you to show her muscle control and that big clit in close-up.
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BrandiMae - BrandiMae In Bed
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
7:32 video

You're in the bedroom with female bodybuilder BrandiMae, watching her play with her pecs and show off her big biceps and ripped abs. Then you get to watch her enjoying masturbating her big clit with a vibrator, penetrating herself deep with the toy as she cums. You see it all, and her muscular legs and glutes, in close-up.
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BrandiMae - She's Pumped. So Is Her Big Clit.
Featured On: My Big Clit
5:19 video

Female muscle porn star and bodybuilder BrandiMae loves playing with her big clit, and takes off her panties as she poses in your virtual session to show off the muscles of her ripped abs, vascular biceps, and legs, and her muscle control of her pecs. Then she shows you just how big and juicy her clit is in close-up as she masturbates and starts clit pumping.
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BrandiMae - Why Go To The Gym?
Featured On: SheMuscle
6:55 video

Why go to the gym? So you can catch female bodybuilder BrandiMae. Posing in nothing but a G-string and cut-off tank, and fondling her own pecs, legs, glutes, and biceps muscles, that's why. If you're paying attention, you might even see her pull her panties down to give you a glimpse of her pretty pussy.
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Dani Andrews and BrandiMae - Muscle Lesbians Bound Together By Lust
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5:55 video

Female bodybuilder BrandiMae can’t escape the clutches of Dani Andrews. She has to obey her tattooed mistress, who has bound her up, worships her muscles and pecs, vascular biceps, legs, and ripped abs, and masturbates Brandi's pussy with a vibrator while you watch.
Co-Starring: Dani Andrews
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