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Ashlee Chambers - "Worship These Muscles!"
Featured On: SheMuscle
6:32 video

Female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers strides into the gym for your virtual session and tells you to worship her massive muscles, posing to show you her big pecs, vascular biceps and tight abs as she demonstrates how she’d scissor and crush you with her gorgeous glutes and muscular legs and calves. Ready to worship?
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JC, Ashlee, & a BBC - Love Thy Neighbor
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8:43 video

Female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers and female muscle porn star JC have fun with their neighbor's big black cock, and he has fun worshiping their big muscles, getting a biceps job, a quad job, a hand job, then enjoys being smothered by their glutes and legs and worshiping their pecs, abs and asses. Watch the muscle-fucking and CBT in close-up.
Co-Starring: JC
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Ashlee Chambers - Muscle Milking
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7:35 video

Fem domme and Female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers teases her slave, giving him a hand job and teasing him to get his cock hard and his balls full so she can drain it and fill a champagne glass with his cum. Enjoy the close-ups of the CBT and the female muscle porn as she masturbates him and pushes her pecs in his face.
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Ashlee Chambers - Big Clit Suck Slave
Featured On: Female Muscle Pornstars
7:59 video

After female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers uses her fucking machine to cum, she gets her slave to kneel between her muscular legs, then suck her big clit and wet pussy. Then she lets him fuck her with his BBC. Watch him penetrate her in close-up and cum all over her pecs and abs. Hot female muscle porn for you.
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Ashlee, JC, & a BBC - Love Thy Neighbor
Featured On: Female Muscle Pornstars
8:28 video

Vascular, ripped female bodybuilders Ashlee and JC are looking for some fun when a neighbor stops by, and they show him what female muscle porn stars do. After he gives their pecs, legs, glutes and biceps some muscle worship, his BBC gets a hand job, a bicep job and a muscle-fucking quad Job. That's neighborly love.
Co-Starring: JC
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Ashlee Chambers - Plane Sexy
Featured On: SheMuscle
7:41 video

Bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers gets off a plane and comes straight to SheMuscle® HQ for a shoot. She wheels her suitcase onto the stage and tells you all about everything she’ll be doing, stripping off her clothes and then her panties so you can see her pretty pussy as she poses, showing you her vascular legs, big biceps and pecs and ripped abs. Now that’s plane sexy.

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Ashlee Chambers - Big Clit Suck Slave
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7:45 video

Female bodybuilder and fem domme Ashlee Chambers has her slave get on his knees and worship her muscles. Then he gets her pussy wet, sucking her big clit to get her ready for her fucking machine. She has him masturbate his BBC as he watches her get penetrated hard, close up. That's muscle porn – and CBT.
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Ashlee Chambers - Slave Penis Pump
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5:44 video

After having her slave hang on the cross for hours, Ashlee decides that it's time to do something about the humorously small size of his dick. She uses the penis pump over and over on his pathetic cock, and it slowly starts to grow much bigger than before. Ashlee is quite amused by the pain her slave suffers.
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