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Ashlee Chambers - Fuck Me Harder Slave
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8:27 video

Ripped, vascular female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers is getting tongued and penetrated by her slave while you look at her pecs, biceps, legs, and hot, wet pussy and watch him cum all over her abs, then see her give him a blow job to get the last drops. Enjoy the muscle porn slave sex in close-up.
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Ashlee Chambers - Riding The Bar
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
5:53 video

Working out in the gym gets Female Bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers' pussy wet, so she poses for you, showing off her powerful pecs, big, vascular biceps, massive leg muscles, ripped abs, and gorgeous glutes. She plays with her big clit, then penetrates that wet pussy with the huge chrome barbell while you watch in throbbing close-up.
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Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat - Ladies Room
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8:21 video

Female muscle porn stars Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat pick up a man, take him to the ladies room, and let him worship their vascular bodybuilder biceps, abs, leg and pec muscles and play with their big clits while they pose, then the lucky man gets a hand job from both of them. Those are two wild ladies – and one happy man.
Co-Starring: Wild Kat
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Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat - Wild Threesome
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9:14 video

Female bodybuilders Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat get a visit from a lucky man who wasn't expecting three-way group sex with vascular muscle porn stars. After he gets a blow job from each of them, he penetrates Ashlee with his cock while Kat presses her pecs, abs and biceps against him, plays with his glutes and grabs Ashlee's legs. It's wild.
Co-Starring: Wild Kat
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Ashlee Chambers - Couple Domme
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8:52 video

A couple wants to see what being with a dominatrix is like, and female bodybuilder and femme domme Ashlee Chambers shows them, first humiliating them, then getting muscle worship of her pecs, glutes and biceps. Then she orders a blow job, hand job and pussy-licking. Watch the muscle porn sex in close-up.
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JC and Ashlee Chambers - Two Goddesses
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8:31 video

Female bodybuilders, muscle porn stars and goddesses Ashlee Chambers and JC flog a slave in a gimp mask when he's not worshiping their legs, glutes, pecs, abs and biceps muscles well enough. Then they give his big black cock a hand job so he's ready for some muscle fucking with quad jobs and a biceps job. Oh, Goddesses!
Co-Starring: JC
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Ashlee Chambers - Thighed Up
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6:33 video

Female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers takes off her slave's chains so he can worship her muscles. He fondles her legs and glutes, then she gives his cock a quad job while he worships her vascular biceps, then gives him a hand job and lets him feel her pecs while he's fucking her ripped quad muscles. Watch in close-up.
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Ashlee Chambers - Blonde and Ripped
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Female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers is blonde, ripped and always ready to play – with herself. She’s naked and posing in the gym, showing off her big, muscular biceps, her vascular abs, her sexy pecs and her strong legs. Then she’s touching her big, throbbing clit. Enjoy the close-up view.
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