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Ashlee Chambers in the Dungeon
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6:59 video

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Ashlee & Darkside - Hands-On Bench Press
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7:18 video

Bodybuilders Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda do bench presses together at the SheMuscle Gym. “I love the way my chest feels when it gets pumped up,” Ashlee says, finding a hands-on way to spot her topless partner. The girl/girl fun continues as the twosome inspect each other’s naked pecs,, biceps, glutes and abs and Ashlee does calf raises and a lift-and-carry with Darkside on her back. By then you may be hands-on yourself!
Co-Starring: Darkside Milinda
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Ashlee Chambers and WildKat - Muscle Threesomes. Three Times As Hot.
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9:19 video

Female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers is getting penetrated while muscle porn star Wild Kat plays with her pecs. "Fuck me!" Ashlee moans, then licks Wild Kat's wet pussy as she poses, showing off her big, vascular biceps and ripped abs. Ashlee rides the cock while you look at her muscular legs and glutes. Watch the masturbation and muscle sex in close-up.
Co-Starring: Wild Kat
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Ashlee Chambers - Girly Action
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6:03 video

Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Ashlee Chambers and her friend are enjoying girl/girl muscle sex, playing with each others pecs and legs, masturbating each other with toys until they both cum and enjoying Ashlee's big clit. All you have to do is watch in close-up.
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Ashlee, WildKat, and Alura - 4-Way Fun
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7:52 video

Female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Amazon Alura, Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat are enjoying girl/girl/girl clit sucking, muscle fucking, clit grinding and masturbating their big clits while they get penetration, muscle worship and ass play in a reverse gangbang. Enjoy every close-up minute of the 4-way fun as you watch the group muscle sex and look at their vascular, ripped pecs, legs, glutes, biceps and abs.
Co-Starring: Amazon Alura , Wild Kat
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Ashlee Chambers - Moving Day 3-Way
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8:04 video

Female muscle porn star Ashlee Chambers tips her movers by giving them hand jobs and blow jobs, then lets them masturbate her wet pussy and big clit and penetrate her while they worship her muscular pecs, biceps, abs, legs and glutes. Watch the muscle sex in close-up. It'll move you.
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Ashlee and WildKat - Tighty Whities
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6:14 video

Ashlee Chambers, Wild Kat and their male guest are all wearing tighty whities. They emphasize the female bodybuilders' muscular pecs, biceps, legs and glutes, and his BBC. He gets a hand job, gives muscle worship and masturbates Kat's big clit, while you watch the female muscle porn in close-up.
Co-Starring: Wild Kat
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Ashlee Chambers - Getting Yard
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6:01 video

Female Bodybuilder and flexible Muscle Porn star Ashlee Chambers is getting some yard work done, and to make it worth the gardener's time she's giving him a blow job and a hand job while he massages her pecs and big biceps. Then she balances herself on one leg and leans against a tree while he penetrates her and you look at her gorgeous glutes and big clit in close-up. He got yard – did you?
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