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Ashlee Chambers - Couple Domination
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5:29 video

Female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers dominates a couple, posing, having the female lick and suck her strap-on cock while the male sub worships Ashlee's muscular legs and biceps, then making the female sub give her man a blow job while Ashlee fucks her from behind with the toy and plays with her ass. Watch the group muscle porn in close-up.
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Ashlee Chambers - Her Blow Job Made Him Explode. Can You Blame Him?
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5:19 video

Female bodybuilder and ripped muscle porn star Ashlee Chambers gives a blow job, a hand job and a calf job, then puts his big, hard cock between her powerful pecs as she masturbates him, using her vascular biceps and getting his cum on her naked body while you watch in close-up.
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Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat - It's A Threesome. With A Twosome In Charge.
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9:29 video

Female bodybuilders, muscle porn stars and fem dommes Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat lift and carry a lucky slave in to worship the ripped, vascular muscles of their pecs, abs, biceps, glutes and legs. They pose, show off their big clits, give him a hand job, calf job and quad job, smother him with their asses, get into girl/girl clit sucking. You watch the muscle fucking in close-up.
Co-Starring: Wild Kat
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Ashlee Chambers - He Wants To Wrestle. She Humiliates Him.
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7:43 video

Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Ashlee Chambers is humiliating a man who wants to wrestle, scissoring him with her muscular legs and glutes, holding him down with her vascular, biceps, ripped abs and powerful pecs, and posing to show him who’s boss.
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Ashlee Chambers - He Challenged Her To Wrestle. He Shouldn't Have Done That.
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7:44 video

A wrestler comes to female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Ashlee Chambers for training. What he gets is verbal humiliation, smothering, scissoring, and a faceful of Ashlee's strong glutes in her panties. Her vascular biceps and muscular pecs, abs and legs ensure that she wins the wrestling match.
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Ashlee Chambers - "Stretch Me Out!"
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6:16 video

Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Ashlee Chambers gets penetrated by a BBC, spreading her muscular legs and glutes as her big pecs and biceps bounce. Watch his big cock go into her wet pussy and make her cum over and over as he rubs her big clit. "Stretch me out!" she says during the muscle sex, then licks his cum off his cock.
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Ashlee Chambers - Ashlee's Playroom
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7:30 video

Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Ashlee Chambers brings a BBC into her playroom and gives him a hand Job and blow job, then lets him fondle her pecs, lick her big clit and penetrate her wet pussy from behind with his hard cock. Watch the hot muscle sex and her legs and glutes in close-up while she flexes her biceps, and come back to the playroom soon.
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Ashlee Chambers Fruit Crushing Fun
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6:04 video

Ashlee Chambers had an idea for a video. She wanted to fuck a banana in the gym. We said ok, but honestly we thought the idea was a little played out already. However, this is ASHLEE FUCKING CHAMBERS! We let her do what she wants. Boy did she have a surprise for us. And for you! You'll never look at bananas the same way again!
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