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Ashlee Chambers Fruit Crushing Fun
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6:04 video

Ashlee Chambers had an idea for a video. She wanted to fuck a banana in the gym. We said ok, but honestly we thought the idea was a little played out already. However, this is ASHLEE FUCKING CHAMBERS! We let her do what she wants. Boy did she have a surprise for us. And for you! You'll never look at bananas the same way again!
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Ashlee, WildKat, and Alura - "Teach Him A Lesson"
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5:36 video

Don't be late for a girl/girl/girl session with female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Ashlee Chambers, WildKat, and Amazon Alura, or you'll be taught a lesson, with smothering, verbal humiliation, belly punching, and a muscular ass in your face, as well as all the posing, muscle worship and pecs, legs, glutes, biceps, and abs you can handle - times three. Ready to learn?
Co-Starring: Amazon Alura , Wild Kat
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Ashlee Chambers Hand Job From A Pornstar
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9:28 video

Muscular porn star Ashlee Chambers is giving one lucky fan a hand job. Using her powerful biceps to pump this guys cock in a strong way until he shoots his big load all over her muscular pecs.
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Ashlee Chambers and Alexis : Bukkake
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8:25 video

Alexis Golden and Ashlee Chambers love sucking cock. In fact, unedited this video could have been HOURS long! They just can't get enough. There is so much cum in this video! Ashlee and Alexis each take their fair share to the face, and down their throats! They even manage to cum swap in the middle of all of the carnage. Excellent.
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Ashlee Chambers and Alexis Suck Many Cocks
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9:30 video

Ashlee and Alexis Golden are in a hotel room taking on all comers, and their cocks! While this video does feature Ashlee's biceps, hard abs, and big clit - the real stars of this video are the lovely mouths and golden throats of our two porn stars.
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Ashlee Chambers - She's Here To Pump Him Up. And Enjoying Herself.
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8:37 video

Female bodybuilder, muscle porn star, and fem domme Ashlee Chambers, in high-heeled shoes and panties, is pumping up a man's cock and balls, giving him a hand job until he cums and verbally humiliating him while you look at her muscular pecs, legs, glutes and biceps, and watch her play with her big clit in close-up.
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Ashlee Chambers - Watch The BBC
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7:30 video

Female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers is in charge of BBC programming today. The first show includes posing, muscle worship of Ashlee's big biceps, pecs, legs, glutes and calves, and masturbation, a hand job, a blow job, and muscle fucking with a calf job. Bet you didn't know the BBC offered female muscle porn sex and close-ups. Tune in soon for more.
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Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat
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5:15 video

Co-Starring: Wild Kat
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