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Female Bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers Continues Wrestling Her Fan
Featured On: Female Muscle Wrestling
7:23 video

Nude female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers continues wrestling with her fan. This time she adds a handjob, some light cock and ball torture and takes off her panties to show us all her amazing big clit! He's getting his ass kicked, but this is one lucky fan :)
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Female Bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers Wrestles A Fan
Featured On: Female Muscle Wrestling
7:05 video

Naked female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers takes on one of her biggest fans in a no-holds-barred wrestling match in her bedroom. This video features all of Ashlee's best features: big muscles, big tits, big fun! This is part one of three.
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Ashlee Chambers - Her Favorite Muscle? Her Big Clit.
Featured On: My Big Clit
5:38 video

Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Ashlee Chambers is posing for you in high-heeled shoes, showing off her ripped abs, vascular biceps, powerful pecs and legs, and masturbating her big, swollen clit. She says it’s her favorite muscle.
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Ashlee Chambers - Female Fondling
Featured On: My Big Clit
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Ashlee Chambers is posing in the gym, wanting you to see every inch of her ripped, vascular muscles. Enjoy her big biceps, powerful pecs, her massive legs and calves and her awesome abs. But when she takes off her panties and plays with her pretty pussy, you're not getting any of her big clit - she'll fondle every inch of it herself.
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Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda - Glory, Glory
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
5:31 video

Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda let a lucky admirer worship their big, vascular female muscles through a glory hole. Admire the glory yourself as their legs, glutes, calves, big clits and biceps get caressed.
Co-Starring: Darkside Milinda
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Ashlee Chambers - She Did Cardio. Her Big Clit Got A Workout.
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7:51 video

Female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers is training in the gym and posing to show off her big, vascular biceps, ripped abs and muscular pecs, legs and glutes, when she and a new friend decide to do cardio together. Both of them get a great workout when he licks and sucks her big clit. See the female muscle porn in close-up.
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Ashlee and Wild Kat – Tighty Whities
Featured On: Female Muscle Pornstars
7:05 video

Female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat are giving a BBC a two-hand job and masturbating their big clits with his big cock while he worships the massive, vascular muscles of their pecs, biceps, abs, glutes and legs. Then he gets a very satisfying quad job. Watch the muscle fucking and muscle sex in tight close-up.
Co-Starring: Wild Kat
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Ashlee Chambers - Is This Punishment?
Featured On: Dirty Muscle
5:48 video

You call this punishment? Ashlee shows of her sexy legs, rock hard abs and glutes, and she even masturbates her her big clit for her hapless admirer. I can't think of a better way to be punished, can you?
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