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Ashlee Chambers - Muscle Fucking 101
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8:01 video

Ashlee Chambers stops by her neighbors house and proceeds to allow him to muscle worship her in her sexy lingerie and high heels. He loves her biceps, quads, and gets to muscle fuck her arms, quads, and calves. One lucky muscle fucker!
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Alura, Ashlee, and WildKat - Tag Team Dommes
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6:53 video

Female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Amazon Alura, Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat humiliate their visitor, smothering him, scissoring him with their muscle control of their legs and glutes,, belly-punching and choking him using their strong biceps and abs, giving him CBT, and insisting on muscle worship. It's tag team muscle sex, fem domme style.
Co-Starring: Amazon Alura , Wild Kat
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Ashlee Chambers - Two Cocks, One Porn Star
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7:25 video

Female muscle porn star Ashlee Chambers is mid fuck-session with two studs. These guys are obviously fans of Ashlee's ripped abs, powerful biceps, strong legs and glutes - not to mention her tight, wet pussy and mouth. Ashlee really gives these guys everything she's got and she gets a nice hot load of cum all over her ass for her efforts.
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Ashlee Chambers - Fuck Me Harder Slave
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8:43 video

Vascular, ripped female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Ashlee Chambers humiliates her slave and gives him a blow job and hand job so she can use him as her toy, then unchains him and poses so he can worship her pecs, legs, biceps and abs. Watch in close-up as he licks her pussy and big clit, then enjoy the muscle sex as she lets him penetrate her.
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Muscular Ashlee Chambers Gives Great Head
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5:36 video

Muscular female pornstar Ashlee Chambers loves sucking cock, as is very apparent in this video. She doesn't fuck around - she puts the cock in her mouth and gives her man please until he explodes all over her muscular pecs. If you like cock sucking, you'll love this video.
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Ashlee Chambers - Female Fondling
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Ashlee Chambers is posing in the gym, wanting you to see every inch of her ripped, vascular muscles. Enjoy her big biceps, powerful pecs, her massive legs and calves and her awesome abs. But when she takes off her panties and plays with her pretty pussy, you're not getting any of her big clit - she'll fondle every inch of it herself.
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Ashlee, WildKat, and Alura - All-Girl Muscle Sex Party
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8:03 video

When female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Amazon Alura, Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat get together, there's posing, muscle worship of each other's pecs,. vascular biceps, legs, glutes, and abs, girl/girl/girl masturbation, clit sucking their big clits, and ass play, You get to watch the group female muscle sex in close-up.
Co-Starring: Amazon Alura , Wild Kat
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Ashlee Chambers "You're Late For Your Session"
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7:46 video

Have you ever wanted to book a session with Ashlee Chambers? After watching this video you will! Ashlee punishes her client for being late, and then goes on to give him the session of a lifetime. Working out her muscular abs, big biceps, and powerful quads - showing of her vascularity. She then masturbates her big clit and fucks herself with a dildo - what more could you want?
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