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Ariel X - "So Nice"
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6:30 video

Who doesn't enjoy watching Ariel masturbate her clit in close-up, then put a big toy in her mouth and suck it like a hard cock, run it along her pecs and fuck her tight pussy with it? You get to enjoy looking at her muscular legs, glutes and abs and listen to her scream as she cums, too. And that's why she's one of our favorite female muscle porn stars.
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Ariel X - Close-Up Cum
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6:04 video

When Ariel spreads her legs and penetrates herself with a big toy and masturbates, she cums over and over. Watch her muscular legs and glutes shake, her abs contract and her wet pussy throbs in close-up. You'll like what you see.
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Ariel X - She's Naked In The Bedroom. And Starting Without You.
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Who wouldn't want to look at female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Ariel X as she poses and masturbates in the bedroom, naked except for her high-heeled shoes? See her tight abs, vascular biceps, luscious legs, and sexy pecs and glutes, and enjoy her pretty pussy and ass in close-up.
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Ariel X and Randy - You Go, Girls!
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5:03 video

Ariel and Randy can't stop eating each other out, masturbating themselves and each other, fondling each other's pecs, legs, glutes and abs and playing with each other's hot pussies and asses. And you can't stop looking at the hot girl/girl muscle porn sex, can you?
Co-Starring: Randy
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Ariel X - What Gets Her Hot? Thinking About Crushing You.
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5:00 video

Ariel's posing nude for you in the bedroom, showing you how she could crush you with the powerful muscles of her legs, glutes, pecs, and biceps, and masturbating as she thinks about it and you watch in close-up.
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Ariel X - Awesome in Aqua
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5:01 video

Fit pornstar Ariel X is sure making a name for herself, but she's never looked lovelier than she does here in her alluring aqua bikini. A smoking hot body featuring tight abs, hard biceps, and long strong legs - Ariel X seems to have all. Then she takes her bikini off and shows you her impeccable pecs, amazing glutes and her pretty little pussy.
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Ariel X - She's All Tied Up. You Could Help, But It's Fun To Watch.
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9:04 video

Porn star Ariel X is struggling to get unbound, but she's having trouble taking off her high-heeled shoes and her panties. That gives you more time to look at her muscular pecs, legs, glutes, abs and pretty kitty. You don't mind, do you?
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Ariel X - Lethal Legs
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5:16 video

"These are lethal legs," flexible Ariel says, as she poses for you in high-heeled shoes in the bedroom, showing you just how good those muscular legs look, not to mention her pecs, glutes and biceps. And when she takes off her panties, you'll find looking at her naked kitty lethal too.
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