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Carmella and MuscleFoxx - Ebony Lesbian Play in the Dungeon
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Muscle lesbians, the sexy ebony Carmella Cureton and MuscleFoxx, find themselves alone in the dungeon. Whatever shall they do? Let's just say it involves leather bikinis, bulging biceps, and strap-on sex toys! Oh, and there's some crushed fruit involved too. Yup.
Co-Starring: MuscleFoxx
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Carmella and MuscleFoxx - Ebony Worship
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Female bodybuilders, Carmella Cureton and MuscleFoxx are training in the gym, and with that much sexy ebony female muscle on display, it’s not surprising that girl/girl muscle worship starts happening as they fondle each other’s pecs, legs, glutes and biceps as they pose and pump.
Co-Starring: MuscleFoxx
Tags: Biceps,Ebony,Female Muscle,Girl/Girl,Glutes,Gym,Legs,Muscle Worship,Pecs,Posing
Carmella - "Dirty, Dirty, Dirty"
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6:26 video

Female bodybuilder Carmella Cureton poses nude for you in the bedroom, showing off her big ebony biceps, pecs, glutes, legs, calves and bare feet. Then she spreads her legs, showing you her pretty kitty, and rubs against a pillow to get off. “Dirty, dirty, dirty,” she says, because she knows that’s the way you like it.
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Carmella Cureton and MuscleFoxx are Hot, Hot, Hot
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Hot ebony lesbian bodybuilders Carmella Cureton and MuscleFoxxare posing in the gym, showing off the powerful bodies they've earned with their hard work in the gym. Huge biceps, powerful quads and glutes. However, it isn't until these two muscle monsters get together that we get to see their appreciate for sexy play and big clits! You don't want to miss these pics! Hot, hot, hot.
Co-Starring: MuscleFoxx
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Carmella Cureton Big Ebony Muscle
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Female bodybuilder Carmella Cureton poses nude for you in the gym and in the dungeon, showing off her big ebony biceps, pecs, glutes, legs, and calves.Then she shows you her kinky side, sporting a huge black dildo in the dungeon!
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Carmella Cureton and Her Big Ebony Clit
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In her room, ebony female bodybuilder Carmella poses to show you just how impressively big she is. Everywhere! Those muscular ebony legs and calves are looking good, and her big clit is obviously getting lots of workouts to stay that big and hard.
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Carmella and Deb, Two Sexy Muscle Lesbians
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When Carmella and Deb get together you never know what to expect. There will be plenty of female muscle, huge biceps, muscle worship, posing, flexing, and big muscle pecs. There's so much muscle between these two sexy lesbians that it might be a bit intimidating - but you'll suffer through it, right?
Co-Starring: Debra D'Andrea
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Carmella Cureton and Deb D'Andrea - The SMACKDOWN Continues.
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5:30 video

This girl/girl no holds barred smackdown continues - Carmella and Deb are locked in an epic wrestling battle. Biceps, quads, glutes, and abs are all strained and stretched as these two female muscle bodybuilders fight for supremacy. Who will win? As long as we get to watch do we really care?
Co-Starring: Debra D'Andrea
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