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Mandy K - Work Or Play?
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Tattooed female bodybuilder Mandy K likes to work out and pose in the gym, getting her biceps, pecs, legs, glutes and abs even more muscular. But while she's naked and barefoot, she also likes to play with her hard clit and pretty kitty while you watch in close-up. Which do you prefer: work or play?
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Mandy K - Girl With The Curls
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7:25 video

Mature female bodybuilder Mandy K works her hard biceps muscles in the gym, then gets naked and poses to show you her strong legs and glutes, her powerful pecs, her tight abs and her tattoos.
Tags: Abs,Biceps,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Gym,Legs,Mature,Pecs,Posing,Tattoo
Mandy - She Rips Through Her Pantyhose
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6:54 video

Mandy K invites you into her room to show off her biceps, abs and legs. She decides to show you A LOT more than you were expecting - taking off her pants and showing off her sexy pantyhose. You get plenty of close ups of Mandy's pussy - and when she rips her pantyhose off you get to watch her rub her clit as well.
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Mandy K works her legs and her pussy in the gym
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5:31 video

Super sexy Mandy K loves keeping in shape. She also loves teasing us all with her amazing body. She gets to the gym to work her powerful quads and glutes, but before you know it she down to no clothes and touching herself. Typical Mandy and we love her for it!
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Mandy K - Super Squash
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6:14 video

In the gym, Mandy K explains that her powerful muscles are “so strong I could squash you.” Watch her work out her strong legs and glutes, her big biceps and her tight abs as she does dips, then look at her pose to show you her massive calves, and you’ll agree. Ready to get squashed?
Tags: Abs,Biceps,Calves,Female Muscle,Glutes,Gym,Legs,Mature,Pecs,Posing
Mandy K - Rear View
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Mandy’s in the gym, giving you a nice view of her pulled-down panties, pert ass and pretty legs as she does bent-over rows, then pulls her cheeks aside for an even better view. After that, she makes the most of the equipment – the gym’s and hers – by climbing all over it and masturbating in close-up. Bet this doesn’t happen in your gym.
Tags: Ass Play,Close-Up,Female Muscle,Glutes,Gym,Legs,Masturbation,Mature,Panties
Mandy - Checks Please
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Mandy does bodybuilding work in the gym, and poses in a checkered bikini to show off her arms, legs, and all her pretty parts, pulling aside her bikini bottom to demonstrate just how pretty those parts are. She proves that just because some might call Mandy mature doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to have fun.
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Mandy K - "They're So Hard," She Says. You Might Be Too.
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5:37 video

You get a virtual session with Mandy K in the gym, watching her as she trains the hard, mature muscles of her legs, glutes, and calves and poses in panties, showing off her sexy pecs and tattooed biceps. "They're so hard," she says, stroking her muscles. Bet you are too.
Tags: Biceps,Female Muscle,Figure/Fitness,Glutes,Gym,Legs,Mature,Panties,Pecs,Posing,Tattoo,Virtual Sessions