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Genie Likes To Masturbate in the Gym
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5:08 video

Female bodybuilder Genie poses in the gym for you, showing off the big muscles of her biceps, glutes and legs, and letting you look in close-up for as long as you want as she gets into masturbation. We like it too, don't we?
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Genie - She's So Generous.
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Female bodybuilder Genie poses in the gym for you, showing off the big muscles of her biceps, glutes and legs, and letting you watch her as she works out and gets naked. Genie doesn't stop there however - she also lets you watch as she plays with her body and masturbates. She's so generous!
Genie - She Shows Us Everything She's Got. We Want Even More.
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Genie is in the gym again, and as usual she loves showing off the fruits of her labor. Defined abs, big biceps, sexy legs and taught glutes all borne from hard work in the gym. How's that for a deal? Genie does all the work and we reap all of the rewards - and we even want more!
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Genie - Naked Squats
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7:30 video

Female bodybuilder Genie's in the gym, flexing her biceps, working her leg muscles and glutes, and posing for you, then taking off her panties to do squats. That gets her so hot she just has to masturbate. You get to watch in close-up.
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Genie in Red
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5:35 video

Female bodybuilder Genie is posing in the gym, showing off her big, muscular biceps and her powerful pecs. "Big and natural," she says, as she starts pumping up, taking off her red bikini top. "Feel how hard they are," she adds, as she works her arms. How hard are you?
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Genie - She Got Spanked By A Girl. And She Liked It.
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7:45 video

Female bodybuilder Genie and her new tattooed friend compare biceps and leg muscles, pose, and lift and carry each other. Then Genie gets tied up over her stockings, and gets her pecs and ass spanked.
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Genie - What Do They Do When The Ropes Come Off?
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5:58 video

Bodybuilder Genie is still in the bedroom enjoying some girl/girl action. The ropes have come off however. What's a girl (or two) to do? How about break out a dildo and have her pussy penetrated! These two hot women are unbound in more ways than one.
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Genie in Red
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5:42 video

Female Bodybuilder Genie asks, "See how big they look?" as she poses and flexes her biceps for you in the gym, works her pecs, then takes off her red panties so she can show you how hard she's working on her glutes and leg muscles while you look at her pretty kitty.
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