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Alexis B - Close-Up Clit
Featured On: My Big Clit
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Alexis is posing in the gym, making sure you see how big, ripped and vascular her biceps, glute, leg and calf muscles are. But she can't stop playing with her big clit, and we bet you can't stop looking at it in close-up.
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Alexis B - The "B' is for Big Clit!
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Sexy gym rat Alexis was always coy when asked what the "B" in her name stood for. We would watch her work her muscles, build her biceps and legs, work her abs and her glutes. But whenever we asked about the "B" she always avoided answering. One day she said "Her I'll show you" and pulled her panties aside. That's when we discovered the "B" Stands for "Big Clit".
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Alexis B - You Can't Do It. But You Can Watch.
Featured On: My Big Clit
5:46 video

Female bodybuilder Alexis B is working the mature muscles of her legs, glutes and calves in the gym, taking off her panties and posing naked while you admire her vascular biceps, powerful pecs and tight abs. "You probably can't do any of these," she taunts. You can watch, though.
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Alexis B - Pussy Press
Featured On: My Big Clit
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Female bodybuilder Alexis is posing and masturbating in the gym, showing off her big biceps and powerful pecs, her muscular abs, her strong legs and glutes, and her extra-big clit. You’ll see her pussy in close-up when she’s standing and on the leg press – and her ass, too.
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Alexis B - Clit Worship
Featured On: My Big Clit
6:52 video

In the gym, bodybuilder Alexis works her back so it’s big and hard, shows you how big and hard her pecs, legs, glutes and biceps are, then masturbates her already big and hard clit until it's even bigger and harder. “Don’t you want to worship this clit?” she asks, as you see it so close up that you don’t have a choice.
Tags: Biceps,Big Clits,Close-Up,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Glutes,Gym,Legs,Masturbation,Mature,Pecs
Alexis B - Smothering Squat
Featured On: My Big Clit
11:25 video

“I could crush your neck with my thighs, you wimp,” bodybuilder Alexis says in this virtual session as she poses in the bedroom in a shiny dress and high heels, showing off her big legs, biceps and pecs and her muscle control. Then she teases you as she plays with her big clit, in close-up. “It’s really hard,” she says as she masturbates, nude on the bed, then gets ready to smother you as she squats to sit on your face.
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Alexis B - Wanting Taunting?
Featured On: My Big Clit
13:00 video

"Feel these quads," sexy Alexis demands in this video as she finishes a set of leg curls and poses to show her leg muscles. Then she does squats and leg presses nude and taunts you while you’re looking at her big clit. "Bet you wish you could touch it, don’t you?" she asks as she masturbates in extreme closeup.
Tags: Big Clits,Close-Up,Female Bodybuilder,Female Muscle,Gym,Legs,Masturbation,Mature,Posing
Alexis B - The Clit Workout
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Bodybuilder Alexis gets in a good workout and some posing at the gym. But soon,instead of working her legs, biceps and abs, she’s working her big clit really hard, for multiple reps, masturbating until it gets even bigger. You see it all close up.
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