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Female Muscle Bondage
Danica Dane has found  a way to get her captor to release her. She tells him that being cropped aroused her and she wants to play with herself! Once she is unbound, she begins furiously fucking herself with a dildo. Lovely views of her legs, glutes and pretty pussy to be had. Danica Dane - "I kind of...
Female Muscle POV
Claire loves the gym, Claire loves sex, and apparently Claire loves being filmed in POV. This video shows off all of Claire's amazing features: her tight abs, long legs in sexy stockings, perfect glutes, and perky pecs. It also shows just how much Claire likes to fucked with a big black dildo. Claire - More POV Fun
Female Muscle Bondage
Danica Dane has finished her workout, but apparently it was good enough for her captor. She asks Danica Dane - "If I flex...
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