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Posing in lingerie and high-heeled shoes in the bedroom, Randy takes off her panties and shows off her muscular legs and glutes, tight abs and strong biceps, then spreads her thighs to give you a look at her pretty kitty. Isn't Randy dandy?
Randy - Randy Is Dandy
Female Muscle Bondage
Professional bodybuilder Jill Jaxen seems to love being tied up. In fact, once she uses her powerful muscles (biceps, abs, legs) to break free from her restraints she ties herself back up just to tease you. Jill Jaxen - She Likes...
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Spotted dick is a British dessert, but it's also sexy female muscle porn star Nikki Jackson's favorite toy, and she's using it to stand in for your cock as she masturbates with it, then sucks on it. Enjoy looking at her muscular pecs, legs and biceps as she poses for you, and watch her wet pussy close up as she penetrates herself and screams, Nikki Jackson - "Fuck My...
Female Muscle POV
Claire's in stockings, posing, getting muscle worship, pulling down her panties to masturbate, and letting you look at her muscular biceps, pecs, legs, abs, glutes, and at her wet pussy and ass in close-up. Watch as she takes a big toy deep in her mouth, and stay tuned for more. Claire - She Wants You To...
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In the gym, Female Bodybuilder Roxanne Edwards poses for you, showing you how Ripped and Vascular her Ebony Abs are, and demonstrates how she trains the massive Muscles of her Pecs, Legs, Glutes, Calves and Biceps. Roxanne Edwards - You Won't...
Beautiful work of art. That's what female bodybuilder Whitney looks like when she's posing nude in the gym. Look at her powerful pecs, vascular biceps, muscular glutes, legs, and calves, the tattoos on her abs, and her sweet kitty, and you'll want to a take a Monet art appreciation class. Whitney - Work Of Art
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Mature female bodybuilder Wild Kat and ebony female muscle porn star Nadia are working their vascular biceps,, glutes, ripped abs and pecs in the gym and posing. Nadia whips out a big strap-on dildo, Kat sucks on the toy, then Nadia teases Kat's big clit with it and gets ready to penetrate her while you watch the hot muscle sex. WildKat and Nadia - You've...
Rita - "I'm Feeling Sexy"
My Big Clit
Female bodybuilder Li'l Doll has worked hard to get big and that includes her huge clit. In the bedroom, you’ll like how she shows off her lovely legs and pecs, as well as her maturity and vascularity. And you’ll LOVE her big biceps. But you’ll especially like how big and hard her clit is, especially when you see it close up! Li'l Doll - What a Big Clit!
Female bodybuilder Samantha Kelly likes to train topless in panties in her home gym while she works her shoulders, biceps and back. You get to watch her muscle control of her pecs and see her muscular, vascular legs and glutes and her ripped abs as she poses for you and you see all that female muscle in close-up. Samantha Kelly - She Likes...
Dirty Muscle
Lovely Leena loves to wear her Wolford pantyhose and masturbate in her bed. She especially loves it when she has an appreciative audience to admire her budding biceps, powerful pecs, glutes, and of course glorious closeups of her wet, pink pussy. Leena Loves To Masturbate...
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When bodybuilder Roxanne Edwards is on the SheMuscle® stage, it’s impossible to look at anything else. As she poses, her huge, sculpted ebony muscles – the incredible lats, the perfect glutes and thighs, the abs with so much definition she could be a dictionary, the vascularity - all demand your attention. Which is good, because she deserves it, doesn't she? Roxanne Edwards - While...
Female Bodybuilder Denise poses for you in Panties in the Dungeon to show you how Ripped and Vascular the muscles of her Abs, Biceps, Glutes, and Legs. Denise - It's Dark In The...
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Blonde female muscle porn star JC is giving a stranger a wrestling lesson. She poses, showing off her strong legs and biceps, and scissors him. Then, as he worships her muscles, she gives his big black cock a hand job, in close-up, while she belly-punches and threatens him.  Tune in soon for more BBC wrestling.
JC - BBC Wrestling
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Miss Lisa - Feel Powerless?
After a workout, flexible Andrea likes to stretch her muscular legs, glutes and biceps in the bedroom. You’ll like it when she takes off her panties, gets naked and poses, showing off her perfect pecs and pretty kitty. “See what all this hard work does?” she asks.
Andrea - Hard Worker

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