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Samantha doesn't like the cleaning job her house slave is doing, so she belly punches and chokes him with her biceps as she humiliates him, makes him clean the floor with his tongue as she poses, showing off her pecs, legs and glutes , and tortures his cock and balls with her high heels as he begs for foot job mercy and you watch in close-up. Then, she gives him a bicep job and slaps his balls, then more muscle fucking and muscle worship. Will this dirty muscle porn slave ever become Mr. Clean? Samantha - Searching For...
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Who doesn't enjoy watching Ariel masturbate her clit in close-up, then put a big toy in her mouth and suck it like a hard cock, run it along her pecs and fuck her tight pussy with it? You get to enjoy looking at her muscular legs, glutes and abs and listen to her scream as she cums, too. And that's why she's one of our favorite female muscle porn stars. Ariel X - "So Nice"
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Super sexy Mandy K loves keeping in shape. She also loves teasing us all with her amazing body. She gets to the gym to work her powerful quads and glutes, but before you know it she down to no clothes and touching herself. Typical Mandy and we love her for it! Mandy K works her legs and...
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Female muscle porn star Mandy Foxx poses for her man, showing off her muscular legs and glutes in crotchless panties and high heels, masturbating her wet clit, and putting clamps on her nipples while he muscle-worships her pecs. Watch the muscle sex in close-up. Mandy Foxx - Like...
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When Ariel spreads her legs and penetrates herself with a big toy and masturbates, she cums over and over. Watch her muscular legs and glutes shake, her abs contract and her wet pussy throbs in close-up. You'll like what you see. Ariel X - Close-Up Cum
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Muscular female bodybuilder Lacey loves working out in the gym - building up her powerful biceps, bulging pecs, and strong quads and glutes. About the only thing she likes more than working out is getting eaten out. You'll love seeing Lacey cum as she gets her pretty pussy licked and her big clit sucked. Muscular Lacey Loves To Get...
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Naked in her bedroom with muscles taught and flexed, female bodybuilder Li'l Doll allows enjoy her big pecs, biceps and legs and shows you her big clit before pulling out her vibrator and masturbating until her pussy is slimy wet. So damn hot. Li'l Doll - Masturbating in...
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Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star MuscleFoxx likes showing off the vascular muscles of her pecs, biceps, legs, and ripped abs, and her tattoos. She also likes masturbating and pumping her big clit, and having you watch close-up. MuscleFoxx - Her Big Clit...
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After working out there is nothing Andrea likes more than masturbating in the gym - rubbing her pussy until it gets wet and then plunging her fingers deep inside. Andrea is visiting the gym more and more and loving the attention her biceps, pecs, and glutes are getting. However nothing gets more attention than when she rubs her clit while on the bench! Andrea - She Loves To...
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One of female muscle porn star Lucy Fire’s workout partners gets some muscle fucking and oral while the other cums all over her tight abs after she gives him an ab job and hand job. You get to watch the group explode in close-up. It’s a lesson none of them will ever forget.
Lucy Fire - "Teaching A...
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Claire is having a hard time adapting to the nipple clamps that have been applied to her. She is in obvious pain, even reminding herself to Claire - "Breathe, breathe,...
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Female bodybuilder and muscle porn star Bobbi is posing, giving a hand job and blow job, and getting muscle worship and ass play, while you enjoy watching in close-up and looking at the vascular, tattooed mature muscles of her biceps, ripped abs, legs and glutes, and watch him cum all over her pecs. Bobbi - She Likes It Hot....
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**Part 3 of 3**
You remembers Lacey’s selfie audition video, right? Well, Lacey and her boyfriend put down the phone and shot the rest of her audition with their video camera. The full video really shows off Lacey’s ripped biceps, vascular abs, and shredded glutes and thighs. Lacey is only weeks away from a competition, so she is in great shape. The video also highlights Lacey’s amazing oral skills; featuring ball licking, throat fucking and an incredible deep throat - all topped off with a messy facial.  This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Lacey. Lacey Loves to Fuck!
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Female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers plays with her sweet young slave, lightly flogging her ass, and has her worship her rock-hard biceps, leg and glute muscles and her powerful pecs. Watch in close-up as the slave licks Ashlee's big clit, and enjoy the girl/girl muscle porn sex. Ashlee Chambers - Sweet Slave
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When female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Amazon Alura, Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat get together, there's posing, muscle worship of each other's pecs,. vascular biceps, legs, glutes, and abs, girl/girl/girl masturbation, clit sucking their big clits, and  ass play, You get to watch the group female muscle sex in close-up. Ashlee, WildKat, and Alura...
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Female muscle pornstar Leena is still in the gym with her big dildo. She gives her pussy, and legs, quite a workout trying to ride that big thing. She also works her glutes. Leena also enjoys laying down and rubbing her pussy and fingering herself. All in all this is time well spent in the gym. Leena - That's One Big Dildo!

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